Daw Zin Mar Thwal

  • zinmarthwal@ucsmub.edu.mm

Daw Zin Mar Thwal

Lecturer and Head
Department of Languages: English

Academic Qualifications

  • B.A.(Eng),(Qualified) from University of Dawei at 2005
  • M.A.(Eng) from University of Dawei at 2008

Fields of Interest

  • Language and Literature

List of Publications

  1. Zin Mar Thwal , “Strategies to Improve Reading Skill of Third Year Students at UCSY through Suggestopedia Method”, In Proceedings of the 39th Thailand TESOL International Conference (2019), Bangkok, Thailand, January, 2019, pp. 182.
  2. Zin Mar Thwal , “Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning English”, In Proceedings of the 5th Annual International ELT Conference (2019), Mandalay, Myanmar, July, 2019, pp.21-22.
  3. Tin Moe Moe Win, Zin Mar Thwal and Win Pa Pa Htun, “Using Writing Activities to Facilitate Second Language Learners’ Speaking Skill”, In Scientific Journal of Innovative Research (SJIR 2020), UCS (Monywa), Myanmar, Volume no. 2, Issue 01, June, 2020, pp. 252-256.
  4. Zin Mar Thwal  and Tin Moe Moe Win, “Developing Listening Skill through Multimedia for Third Year Electronics Engineering Students from Technological University (Myeik)”, In Journal of University Research Journal (URJ 2020), UCS (Myeik), Myanmar, Volume no. 1, Issue 01, July, 2020, pp. 213-217.